Bugatti Special Edition

In early 2011, Bijan completed his design for a series of 10 individually bespoke Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport automobiles.

Many design elements of this edition have never been produced before. The magnificent two-toned exterior is made of Bijan yellow super imposed on polished aluminum. Keeping in line with Bijan’s flair for eccentric, the bonnet also flourishes in ‘The Mouth of Truth emblem, a trademark for the House of Bijan. The front grill was recreated to illustrate the Bijan logo repeatedly. The Bijan logo also appears underneath the rear airbrake, and is only visible when the airbrake is deployed. The clock on the dashboard is also another one of Bijan’s latest designs…’The Royal Way’ similar to the face of the latest black titanium watch design-the bezel of the clock is surrounded by hundreds of pave white diamonds. In between the driver and passenger seats, Bijan integrated an iPad, which could display pictures chosen for each individual client. The center console was configured to house two his and hers, bottles of pure Bijan cologne and perfume!

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 coupé Grand Sport is world famous for being the paradigm in automobile speed and luxury. The automobile, which is produced in Molsheim, France, boasts a 1001 horsepower 16-cylinder engine and is equipped with four turbo chargers. The Veyron can achieve a top speed of 253 mph (408 km/h) in less than one minute.

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