The Gentleman’s Journal

“Rodeo Drive is a retail mecca lined with flagship stores of global luxury brands”

Country and Town House

I’m not averse to a little light retail therapy and with Rodeo Drive just up the road, I have an appointment with The House of Bijan (the only way you can get into this insanely over-the-top, $12m Mediterranean-style palazzo, which – with hopefully more than an ounce of irony – boasts an original Fernando Botero painting named The Rich). Clients of the Bijan way of life, including heads of state, emperors, kings and presidents – come for crocodile skin accessories, diamond-encrusted watches and a Bugatti… Damnit, I forgot my wallet.

LA Confidential

November 2015

Leading Estates Of The World

“…Over the last 40 years my father built something iconic, and I look forward to growing that family legacy into something even more special over the next 40+ years.  The philosophies upon which our company was built will never change.  Everything Bijan creates will always be the finest quality in the world, our collections will remain the most exclusive in the world and we will continue to go above and beyond for our global clientele.”

A Universe Into Itself The Prospertere

The terms “one of a kind” and “unique” can often be thrown around with abandon, but Bijan is more than worthy of such rhetoric. Headquartered on Beverly Hills infamous Rodeo Drive, Bijan has been doing things differently since it was established in 1976 by the Iranian designer, Bijan Pakzad. Since day one, it is a store that has unashamedly catered to an exclusive clientele and has dressed some of the most powerful men of the 20th century.