The House of Bijan is forging ahead under the direction of its Chairman and President, Dar Mahboubi. The team consists of highly seasoned retail, finance and creative executives

as well as rising professionals who show exemplary promise in furthering the success of the company. Every member is dedicated to enhancing the excellence, exclusivity and luxury

imbued in the brand, and helping it maintain its market dominance. The power of

the company’s brand image is part of Bijan’s heritage, growing vastly over four decades. The Bijan mark is an asset that is both priceless and irreplaceable. The Bijan team

strives to constantly improve, avoid complacency, broaden their skill sets, uphold superior work ethics and originate new ideas and ventures.

More about the Bijan team:

Dar Mahboubi

Co-Founder, Chairman and President – since 1976

Since the company’s inception in 1976, Dar has been at the forefront of evaluating strategic opportunities for the company. He has been a strong and stable force, instrumental in

all of Bijan’s successful business ventures. In 1981, he caused the expansion of the by appointment only showroom to New York; within the next five years, thereafter, he mapped key

strategy for the highly successful Bijan Fragrances ventures. Given the company’s 37-year history, he has deliberately avoided short-term profits and skillfully managed the integrity

and exclusivity of the Bijan brand. By virtue of his brand development strategies, he has bolstered the brand image with meticulous thought and foresight.


Manijeh Messa

Chief Operating Officer and Merchandising Director – since 1976

Manijeh has shown unwavering devotion and dedication in the daily operation of the Bijan showroom. She was designer Bijan’s protégé, and worked under his tutelage. Manijeh

assiduously follows the unique merchandising criteria set forth by designer Bijan and brings forth the exclusive ‘one of one’ applications that the Bijan brand manifests. Her keen

sales and managerial skills, as well as her retail savvy and meticulous attention to detail have added to the success of the Bijan showroom. She maintains the highest standards of

operational conduct with passionate determination.


Ronald W. Wall

Chief Financial Officer – since 1985

Ron takes his role as the financial gatekeeper, strategic partner and advisor to the Chairman and President very seriously. For him, the duties as a modern CFO now straddle

the traditional areas of financial stewardship and also include strategic and business leadership with direct responsibility and oversight of all financial and administrative disciplines

of the House of Bijan. His continued collaboration and involvement have been and will always be an asset to the company’s future endeavors.


Daniela Pakzad

Creative Director – since 1984

Daniela worked side by side with her father, designer Bijan, on many award-winning projects. She continues to constantly strive to bring forth unmatched esthetics and creative

light that has been apparent and deliberate in all of Bijan’s marketing and branding strategies. Her talent for directing eye catching graphic and packaging, merchandising and

environmental designs is a further testament that she is continuing to embellish her father’s legacy.


Nicolas Bijan Pakzad

Associate Merchandising Director – since 2008

Nicolas, son and namesake of Bijan, inherited his father’s passion and awareness of the global reach of the brand. Having been mentored by his father for several years in all

aspects of Bijan design and operations, Nicolas currently plays an active role in the company. Nicolas works closely with Mr. Dar Mahboubi and Ms. Manijeh Messa continuing to spread the

Bijan philosophy and carry on his father’s legacy.


Jayne Brandonisio

Operations Manager – since 1994

For nearly seventeen years, Jayne worked as the right hand of legendary designer, Bijan as his trusted executive assistant. Very often, she performed the behind the scenes

details that made the show run seamlessly. Since Bijan’s passing, Jayne has been a stellar operations manager at the Rodeo Drive showroom, enabling Manijeh to elevate into her broader

operating role. Jayne possesses the New York can-do work ethic and applies it with aplomb.